Production of the Newarc

Newarc, producing faucets for kitchen and bathroom, continues to serve in the sector thanks to following vision the planned investments and technological development for faucets in Samandıra and for sanitaryware in Corlu.

Newarc brand which is belong to Newarc Armatur A.S. assertive about bath and kitchen for conversion to unusual places with its modern, minimalist and elegent design. Newarc finger on the pulse of developments in the sector. Also it perfectly combines esthetics and technology.

We have expanded commissioning the sanitaryware ceramic factory as Teskol Seramik A.S. in 2012.The purpose of the our R&D and P&D work is supply the consumer's expectations, the sectoral competition, domestic and foreign demands.

Our production and design concept is based on high quality and customer satisfaction.